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Horticultural Creations believes in the transformative power of design to lift the trajectories of individual lives and entire communities. We’ve seen it happen again and again since our founding back in the 70s when architecture was just starting to change with Twin Towers changing the fabric of our skyline. As those early innovators changed the way we all live, learn and work, we altered the way they thought about space as a strategic resource for expressing their unique vision and fueling extraordinary success.

While our impact and expertise has expanded, our flexible approach to design remains fundamentally the same. We push boundaries, guided by the wisdom of close client partnerships and the confidence to take both big and small steps forward together. We keep our structure open and nimble, allowing us to create diverse teams with knowledge tailored to the challenge at hand.

Building on the trust earned from our clients, Horticultural Creations transcends what it is and what envisions what it could be, arriving the kind of solutions we can only discover together. Solutions rooted in the purpose and yet open to the unexpected. Breakthroughs that move people and organizations toward new possibilities.


People’s lives are indelibly shaped by architectural elements. Rather than imposing a predetermined aesthetic , we partner with clients in a process of discovery. Together we ensure that each environment fulfill their needs and goals, as unique manifestations of brand, mission, value with the flexibility and durability to endure. Free from disciplinary silos that limit innovation, our diverse and experienced team applies a range of insights gained across all work areas. We engage at every scale and step of the design, fabrication process, devising efficient delivery methods, and everything in between. In the end, each client’s solution is unique to them and responsive to context, program and people.


Environments are essential settings of life, shaping how people work, play and learn. We design spaces with purpose and meaning, seeking to create inspiring individual experiences. With clients as valued design partners, we take time to learn all we can about their culture, strengths, challenges, and goals. Whether it’s a world-class headquarters that spurs innovation or an office space that is looking to create that unique first impression our goal is to clearly reflect and celebrate the aspirations of each organization.

Our approach is decidedly holistic and thoughtful, with an eye to the ever-quickening pace to change. Intentionally open to new possibilities, our process leads to tailored solutions that elegantly solve each client’s specific challenges while maintaining flexibility for a thriving future.


As a full-service interior, exterior and holiday design firm Horticultural Creations’ extensive knowledge of the implementation of the most efficient design is evident in the care of our interior and exterior plants which always exceeds our expectations. Your crew consistently maintains a courteous and professional demeanor.

I am truly impressed with the scope of work you constantly do to enhance our everyday appearance as well as our holiday image. Your firm leads the way in quality and professional service.

Thank you for your service through the years.

Property Manager

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your crew for the exceptional work you do. From the landscaping staff to the holiday decorating staff, your employees’ knowledge, experience, dependability and overall professionalism has made my job less stressful. The open lines of communication and attention to details are greatly appreciated. Concerns and suggestions are always brought to my attention Immediately and It is apparent that you are only pleased when we are pleased. It is wonderful to know I can rely on you and your staff to keep the landscaping looking its best! As you know, we consistently receive complements from occupants and visitors.

Horticultural Creations has been doing an excellent job with our landscaping and holiday decorations for almost twenty years now and you always exceed my expectations. I would be happy to recommend Horticultural Creations for any project, big or small.

LEED AP Property Manager

As our preferred florist and our holiday design-team, Horticultural Creations has lived up to our expectations and have continued to provide great service. Your entire crew has been consistent in maintaining our indoor botanicals and have been professional and courteous.

I am pleased with the services you provide in keeping our hotel botanicals always looking fresh and renewed daily along with the holiday decorations that enhances the holiday spirit at The Westin Times Square.

It is always a pleasure working with you.

Hotel Manager

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your years of service. You Consistently exceed our expectations In the services that you provide. Having experienced all of the services your firm offers I can honestly say your staff is always knowledgeable, reliable, courteous and extremely professional. You provide us with fantastic products and your designs are unparalleled to what I have seen In the market place. I constantly get fantastic feedback from our tenants and clients who compliment the decor of the environment. The open lines of communication and attention to details are greatly appreciated as always. Having over 30 year relationship with Horticultural Creations, I would firmly recommend any of your services to potential clientele.

District Manager

We received a delivery of several gorgeous plants, both potted and upright for our Chairman’s new office. Among the plants ordered were pothos, zz, a corn plant and a peace lily. The plants arrived in immaculate condition and were very healthy-looking. We also love the look of the brushed aluminum planters (special thanks to Pierre for his suggestion!).

The delivery men, Tommy and Kurt, were exceptional. They were very polite and organized, they placed the plants exactly where we needed them and they were very detailed and helpful when it came to explaining the care of the plants. Our whole office was so impressed with how efficient and knowledgeable they both were.

I just wanted to take a moment to commend the excellent customer service skills of these two individuals; however, your entire team is tremendously helpful and educated about your products. I would certainly recommend your business throughout our institution and beyond!

Department of Neuroscience


We are fortunate to work with companies of all sizes.

Horticultural Creations


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