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At Horticultural Creations, we make spaces beautiful. Through the creative use of plants, lighting, and natural elements, we design life-enriching environments that are certain to delight customers, visitors, and employees alike. Whether we’re integrating plants into a workspace or designing a green wall with your logo, we help you tell your brand story with stunning natural visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Since founding this company in 1976, we have held a firm commitment to deliver exceptional quality and unrivaled service to each of our clients. It’s this passion that has helped us evolve from a small family business to a trend-setting industry leader in commercial horticultural design, combining cutting-edge technology with out-of-the-box creativity to design natural environments that our clients (and their customers) love.

At Horticultural Creations, our greatest satisfaction comes from collaborating with you to design and beautify your spaces while elevating your company’s brand image. Our executive staff and dedicated team of care specialists are accessible around the clock to serve your needs.

Experience the difference and let us help you bring your space to life.

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