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Sustainability Policy

As a company that designs and installs green spaces throughout the Tri-State Area, we have understandably made sustainability one of our top priorities. At Horticultural Creations, our corporate mission is to promote green environments and sustainability in all spaces we have the privilege of servicing. That includes our own.

We review and analyze our sustainability policies annually, ensuring that all HC employees and vendors continually maintain the highest-level standards and practices. We also make a point of keeping up with the latest sustainability technologies so that we can continue to improve. In keeping with these policies, we have implemented the following practices both in-house and with our clients.

Internal Sustainability Practices

All HC offices and warehouses have the following sustainability measures in place:

  • We have installed long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption and limit waste.
  • We have installed self-contained watering systems for our greenery designed to prevent leaks, waste, and run-off.
  • We have completely eliminated the use of paper in our offices and now maintain all our records digitally.
  • We have implemented an aggressive recycling policy: we reuse and repurpose anything that doesn’t have to be thrown out, and we recycle everything else that we can, from aluminum and cardboard to electronics.

Sustainable Practices with Our Clients

At Horticultural Creations, we make sustainability a priority in all our client interactions, empowering our clients whenever possible toward more sustainable practices. We achieve this in the following ways:

  • Assisting corporations, building owners, and management teams in qualifying for LEED certification.
  • Constructing green roofs, green walls, living walls, and preserved walls.
  • Designing interior plantscapes with plants that maximize oxygen production and reduce carbon levels in the air.
  • Installing smart irrigation controls in our designs to help our clients conserve water use.
  • Providing maintenance services using the latest sustainable practices and technologies.

Our overriding goal with these policies is not only to do our part to preserve the environment and take better care of the planet, but also hopefully to set an example that other businesses can follow.