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They admired our work and this is what they have got to say.

I invited you down last week to express in person your organization’s strength, Customer Satisfaction. Horticultural Creations provided superior design and customer care. The problem: Covid-19. Out of 65 rental apartments 44 were vacated and we had a hard time covering the cost to operate the building and due to the restrictions placed upon NYC, let alone attract new tenants to the building. Thanks to the ownership at Horticultural Creations being involved in every step of the design, and keeping within the tight budgetary constraints I take great satisfaction in being able to let you know of your team’s achievements in exhibiting the utmost professionalism and outstanding level of customer satisfaction. Your exterior design not only improved the building’s curb appeal, which has helped the bring the building back to 100% occupancy. The landscaping ROI has the building rents exceeding pre-Covid pricing.

Your onsite presence multiple times to design was performed before any contract was signed with your firm; this was the first sign of your team’s extremely high level of professionalism. Your installation team has a great eye for making on site changes due to unforeseen obstacles on the job. In addition to the main tasks the Horticultural team when above and beyond taking care of things that were not part of the scope.

Looking forward to working together on the new common roof project for the building. I am extremely grateful for the partnership.

As always the arrangement was beautiful and just BEAMED such professionalism in the finished product. It was larger and more exotic than I expected – absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you so much for all your help on such short notice!

Conference Services Coordinator

As a full-service interior, exterior and holiday design firm Horticultural Creations’ extensive knowledge of the implementation of the most efficient design is evident in the care of our interior and exterior plants which always exceeds our expectations.

Your crew consistently maintains a courteous and professional demeanor. I am truly impressed with the scope of work you constantly do to enhance our everyday appearance as well as our holiday image. Your firm leads the way in quality and professional service.

Thank you for your service through the years.

Property Manager

LOTS of great compliments on the new flowers/plants in the rear lobby! They do look great. Nice job! Thanks for all you guys do!

LEED AP Property Manager

The flowers are (as always) beyond perfect. Thank you again HC! I’ll be sure to let the team know where they came from!

Director of Catering Sales

The flowers look great and most importantly the client thinks so too. Thank you!

Marquese is extremely good and efficient at communicating with me and has gone above and beyond to help when he can. I have been really impressed with him and thought you should know.

These look perfect, just what I envisioned, you nailed it! 😊 Thank you!

Senior Manager of Administration, HR

Thank you for your work! I just walked the terrace and it looks lovely. The 4th floor looks great too! We sincerely appreciate your support!

Executive Director

Before and after! Incredible Transformation!

We have done business with Horticultural Creations for more than 20 years. Throughout that tine you have provided us with exceptional service and plants kept in top condition. Throughout these 20 years you have managed to provide us with the same (Woody) detail oriented and quite personable service person who visits us every week to maintain our plants. He does so in wonderful fashion.

I want to thank Horticultural Creations for the great job you have done for us and mention that I look forward to your continued top level professional service.

Vice President Facilities Management

The flowers arrived on time and were absolutely beautiful. As always, thanks for your help.

We received a delivery of several gorgeous plants, both potted and upright for our Chairman’s new office. Among the plants ordered were pothos, zz, a corn plant and a peace lily. The plants arrived in immaculate condition and were very healthy-looking. We also love the look of the brushed aluminum planters (special thanks to Pierre for his suggestion!).

The delivery men, Tommy and Kurt, were exceptional. They were very polite and organized, they placed the plants exactly where we needed them and they were very detailed and helpful when it came to explaining the care of the plants. Our whole office was so impressed with how efficient and knowledgeable they both were.

I just wanted to take a moment to commend the excellent customer service skills of these two individuals; however, your entire team is tremendously helpful and educated about your products. I would certainly recommend your business throughout our institution and beyond!

Department of Neuroscience

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your years of service. You Consistently exceed our expectations In the services that you provide. Having experienced all of the services your firm offers I can honestly say your staff is always knowledgeable, reliable, courteous and extremely professional. You provide us with fantastic products and your designs are unparalleled to what I have seen In the market place.

I constantly get fantastic feedback from our tenants and clients who compliment the decor of the environment. The open lines of communication and attention to details are greatly appreciated as always. Having over 30 year relationship with Horticultural Creations, I would firmly recommend any of your services to potential clientele.

District Manager

The floral arrangements were a lovely compliment to the space. Many thanks for providing your expertise and special touch. We certainly look forward to working with you in the future.

I just overheard some people admiring the arrangement you guys set up this week: “I think this is the nicest arrangement they’ve ever done.” I’m so happy we switched to you. Thank you for your continued excellent work!

In my position as Supervisor of Operations for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, I am responsible for managing dozens of contractors who have routine tasks to perform at the School. In each case, we ask the service technician to stop by my office to review the days’ task and to sign off on the work when completed.

I would be remiss not to tell you that your employee, Patrick is routinely a bright spot in my day. Not only does he perform the assigned tasks independently and well, he behaves cordially and professionally. Our plants have never looked better! Congratulations to you on your selection and retention of this great employee.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your crew for the exceptional work you do. From the landscaping staff to the holiday decorating staff, your employees’ knowledge, experience, dependability and overall professionalism has made my job less stressful. The open lines of communication and attention to details are greatly appreciated. Concerns and suggestions are always brought to my attention Immediately and It is apparent that you are only pleased when we are pleased.

It is wonderful to know I can rely on you and your staff to keep the landscaping looking its best! As you know, we consistently receive complements from occupants and visitors. Horticultural Creations has been doing an excellent job with our landscaping and holiday decorations for almost twenty years now and you always exceed my expectations.

I would be happy to recommend Horticultural Creations for any project, big or small.

LEED AP Property Manager

Flowers look great! Always get comments from our leasing team and potential tenants on how they look. We’ve been happy with Horticultural Creations services. Thanks for checking in.

The decoration, tree and the wreaths in the lobby looks amazing. You must be proud of your accomplishment. I am sure it was a lot of work.

Thank you so much for creating the beautiful arrangements for Meg’s bridal shower. They were perfect and exquisite! The colors and floral choices were exactly what Meg was looking for. Thank you for making the extra bouquet as well – it was perfect!

Last week’s replacement flower arrangement was pretty. Thank you! This week’s arrangement is breathtakingly beautiful!! Thanks and have a wonderful week!

I LOVE THEM!!!! The Mardi Gras centerpiece is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Director of Catering Sales

As our preferred florist and our holiday design-team, Horticultural Creations has lived up to our expectations and have continued to provide great service. Your entire crew has been consistent in maintaining our indoor botanicals and have been professional and courteous.

I am pleased with the services you provide in keeping our hotel botanicals always looking fresh and renewed daily along with the holiday decorations that enhances the holiday spirit at The Westin Times Square. It is always a pleasure working with you.

Hotel Manager

Absolutely incredible! I really appreciate the support AND the moss wall especially! You are basically a celebrity in our community – so many people come in amazed and take pictures!! 🙂

Head of Business Development

Dear Doug & team,

Many thanks for your contribution to the InterContinental New York Barclay’s Holiday Party.

You were an integral part of the success of a very festive celebration that was enjoyed by our colleagues and their loved ones.

We appreciate your partnership in making these holiday memories so special to us all.  We greatly value your partnership and we hope you will be a part of our 2020 Holiday Season as well.

My very best personal regards,

All things Happy & Merry for the New Year.

General Manager


Horticultural Creations


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