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Advantages of Incorporating Seasonal Plants in Commercial Spaces

The integration of natural elements into commercial spaces is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also advantageous for business owners. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through the incorporation of seasonal plants into your plantscaping–or more specifically, switching out certain plant installations in accordance with the season. Of course, incorporating greenery in general is excellent for improving air quality, increasing customer attraction, building employee morale, promoting overall wellness, and so on. But refreshing your plantscaping with seasonal plants and arrangements can take things to the next level by adding a sense of style, timeliness, and overall awareness to your space. Let’s discuss some of the specific advantages of this idea of seasonal plantscaping.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

By aligning the plant designs of your space with the current season, you create a dynamic environment that reflects the beauty of season itself and creates a stronger sense of awareness. For example, spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils can inject vibrant colors into your space while reflecting the sense of renewal and optimism of spring–while incorporating features like autumn mums, pumpkins, and wreaths made from colorful maple leaves can evoke a cozy, warm atmosphere suitable for the changing weather. (And of course, poinsettias and evergreens add a festive vibe to the holiday season.)

Connection with Nature

Integrating seasonal plants is an element of biophilic design that can help reinforce the connection with nature you’re attempting to evoke in your space. By reflecting the change of seasons in your work and business spaces, you remind visitors and employees of the beauty and rhythm of the natural world, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere.

A Fresh Look

Refreshing your plantscaping seasonally affords an excellent opportunity to change up the look of your space, ensuring that visitors, customers, or employees don’t become accustomed to the same aesthetic. Additionally, by definition, seasonal plants are fresh for the season, meaning they are in their prime and are less prone to withering when properly maintained.


Seasonal plants are generally available in abundance during their specific season, often resulting in lower costs. Additionally, seasonal plants are more likely to thrive since they are in their natural growing period, reducing maintenance costs.

Tips for Incorporating Seasonal Plantscaping

If you’re interested in incorporating seasonal plants into your commercial space, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Plan ahead: To make the most of each season, plan seasonal orders for specific plants several months in advance to ensure availability. This will allow you to source the best plants and ensure they are well-established when their season arrives.
  • Choose plants conducive to their environments: Not all plants are suitable for indoor environments, and there may be other considerations such as availability of natural light, etc. Our design team can consult with you to ensure your chosen plants can thrive indoors.
  • Consider maintenance needs: Different plants have different care requirements. Ensure you have the resources to properly maintain your plants so they stay healthy and attractive throughout their season.
  • Know when to rotate: For maximum aesthetic value, the best time to replace seasonal plants is just before they begin to fade.

At Horticultural Creations, our creative team knows how to infuse the best seasonal plants and colors into your space in a way that not only makes sense, but also creates an eye-catching display that your visitors and employees will love. We’ll also do regular maintenance and rotation of your plants so your space always looks fresh. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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