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Key Advantages of Installing a Green Wall

If you look around various offices and places of business these days, you’re likely to see an increasing number of “green walls”–vertical structures covered in vegetation, often made to look like they are constructed from plants. These walls have become highly popular in recent years, especially in the wake of the pandemic which prompted a whole new focus on wellness design.

As it turns out, green walls are more than just a fad–they offer some key benefits both to humans and to the environment. Let’s look at five key advantages of installing a green wall in your place of business:

1. Green Walls Improve Air Quality.

Plants act as natural filters, and by installing a green wall, you can help to improve the air quality in your office or place of business. This is especially important in places like New York City where the combination of pollution and dense population can intensify respiratory problems. Green walls provide a natural solution to refresh the air you breathe while also offsetting greenhouse gases.

2. Green Walls Can Help Reduce Noise Levels.

The plants and foliage on a green wall act as a natural sound barrier, helping to reduce noise levels in your office or place of business. This can create a more relaxing and productive work environment, free from the distractions of outside noise.

3. Green Walls Can Boost Mood and Mental Well-Being.

Studies have shown that being around plants can help improve mood and mental health. Specifically, the presence of plants has been shown to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and depression, among other health benefits. Installing a whole wall of plants can create a relaxed, less stressful environment that helps your employees be happier and more productive. If you interact with customers or clients in your workplace (such as in a retail or hospitality space), a green wall also creates a relaxing atmosphere for customers so they are more likely to linger–and possibly even spend more.

4. Green Walls Can Help Save on Energy Costs.

Green walls can actually help to insulate your office or place of business, which can save you money on energy costs. In the summer, the plants on a green wall can act as a natural cooling system, and in the winter, they can help to reduce heat loss.

5. A Green Wall Adds Natural Beauty to Any Space.

Let’s face it: In addition to all of the practical benefits, a well-designed green wall simply looks beautiful. Adding this touch of nature can improve the aesthetic of any office or other place of business, making your space feel more welcoming, inviting, and relaxing–all qualities that can be good for business.

As you can see, installing a green wall in your place of business is a smart investment that can offer numerous benefits. At Horticultural Creations, our team can create a custom-designed green wall that is perfectly attuned to your space. To learn more about green walls and their benefits, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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