55 Broadway, Suite 421, New York, NY 10006



Identify the Problem

The exposed ceiling installations created a non-welcoming environment in the conference room.

Desired a park experience inside with small amount of floor space.

The client is searching for ways to boost creativity and improve performance and collaboration within their team.

Design the Solution

Constructed lightweight grass panels on a lightweight backing to the existing grid, ceiling limit of 10 lbs/sq foot.

Design an upside-down garden lawn to save space and create a unique type of greenery piece.

Bring the fun of swings and an outdoor park to the indoors.


  • Saw a 30% uptick in group meetings and collaboration which correlated to about a 12.5% uptick in productivity in the teams who met in the park vs. teams who did not.
  • Featured in company’s marketing material and literature.

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