55 Broadway, Suite 421, New York, NY 10006

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Grand Central Terminal

Identify the Problem

Damage in the building’s subway garage, surface and structural deterioration.

Massive leak in the fountain that deteriorates the surrounding areas.

Constant costly repairs and maintenance throughout the year.

Design the Solution

Advise the client that adding plants and water to the fountain area will only worsen the situation.

Install LED lights to create a customizable light show for additional events revenue.

Add acrylic rocks to emulate a flowing water effect as a complement to the LED lights.


  • Helped the client save over 65% on their budget.
  • Prevented the client from spending over $100k to fix and the need to shut down the garage and event space.
  • Still able to park cars and charge for it, as well sell tickets to use the event space.

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